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Currently voicing promotional website audio and radio commercial for a movie, KIND KATIE (www.KindKatie.com), receiving 20k hits. 

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Numerous branded radio commercials, currently used across the nation (using Swap-a-Spot) on major radio stations. 

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Worked with Radio Forecast Network (RFN), delivering time-sensitive national weather forecasts. 

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Several local radio commercials, on-hold messaging and business video-to-audio projects.  Explainer and eLearning videos (Comcast). 

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Currently narrating a book, (25,000 word count) with one following.

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More projects in the works, stay tuned!


Tim Miller VoiceOvers was started in April of 2014.  The studio began in my basement closet, progressing to a free-standing studio, with heating and air!  Dedicating my business unapologetically to The Lord, I vowed to not take on questionable projects that would tarnish my 'brand'.  With that confidence, I offer my talent to your business.


Let's work TOGETHER.

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Why hire a professional VoiceOver artist?

When taking the all-important step in finally making that memorable commercial or explainer video, consider entrusting a VoiceOver professional to take on that project.  Enjoying driving your car is the culmination of engineers and mechanics to make your vehicle operate as it was intended.  When you hire a VoiceOver talent, you in turn entrust that person to represent your company in your best interest.


As a VoiceOver talent, I can represent your company as you offer your input to help make your video not only memorable, but with the intent of producing customers and improving your bottom line.


At Tim Miller Voice Overs, I will give your business or promotion that personal attention you deserve.  Working independently in my studio, we can customize the best representation for your company.


Let’s work together, and soon!


Tim Miller VoiceOvers


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